39. First World Problem

This week, Ryan discusses a recent news article and health study about longevity. Then, goes on a Vinnie Tortorich rant, which he knows you all love. Please follow and like us:

38. Nootropics

Ryan discusses nootropics and body-hacking, despite his allergy attack. A shorter podcast this week means you have more time to get rowdy this weekend. Please follow and like us:

37. Oil

Should you be eating oil? Ryan discuss the pros and cons. Plus, a question for the listeners. Please follow and like us:

36. Raw vs Cooked

Should you be eating raw, or cooked plants? You’ve heard arguments for both sides; now Ryan weighs in. Shockingly, no rant this week. Please follow and like us:

35. Macros & Micros

This week, Ryan starts the show with a discussion about sleep apnea and it’s correlation to nutrition as well as long term diseases. He also talks about macro and micronutrients and what they mean to you. Please follow and like us:

32. Grains

Per listener request, Ryan goes over grains; are they bad? how much should you eat? what are some good grains? etc. But, not before he has a classic “Ryan Rant”. Find out what’s irking him this week. Please follow and like us:

31. Giving Up Meat

This week, Ryan discusses what happens to your body as soon as you give up meat. But not before he gets a rant out of his system! Plus, he gives the details for a special offer; don’t miss it! Please follow and like us: