30. Oh Child!

Ryan takes a listener question this week and talk about introducing a plant based lifestyle to children. He also briefly discusses ADHD and Autism. Please follow and like us:

29. Chicken, Out!

Think you’re safe eating chicken? Think again. Ryan discusses why chicken is not a safe meat to eat. He also, briefly, discusses exactly what it is he does and how it can help you. Please follow and like us:

28. Shots Fired

This week, Ryan analyzes some of the things his arch nemesis has said regarding dietary recommendations. The amazing thing; Ryan keeps his cool. Please follow and like us:

27. Sleep and more

This week, Ryan updates you on a few things, answers a couple listener questions, and then talks how to get better sleep. Please follow and like us:

22. Drink, Drank, Drunk

This week, Ryan discusses the effects of soda on the body. Also, do you know which alcoholic beverages you should be leaning towards for your pleasure? Listen and find out.