Mainly Plants

MP Philosophy

It’s simple, really; eat whole foods, mostly plants. Mainly Plants is all about eating a whole foods plant based diet. It’s completely up to you in terms of how big of a base that is, so long as you constantly strive to eat better. If you want to go 100% plant-based then that’s great! However, if you don’t, that perfectly cool too; just keep pushing yourself to eat healthier. You only get one body in this lifetime (as far as we know) so it’s important to keep it as healthy as possible. Respect yourself and your body and fuel it with the best foods that nature provides.


There’s no reason to feel lethargic, achey, and unhappy. Mainly Plants will help you reduce and get off those chemical medications that cause more damage than most people realize. With a little guidance, you can have the healthy, fit body that you crave, both inside and out.  It’s not about eating less, it’s about eating smart.