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Hi, I’m Ryan! I’m a certified plant-based nutritionist and personal trainer located in Scottsdale, AZ.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever really subscribed to the traditional food pyramid health model. However, in a way, it was worse than you’d imagine.

I ate for fun.
I was good at it and people expected it of me  (being the tallest and biggest in my family).
I enjoyed showing off how much I could really pack in.
Prove it, you say?
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I ate a 49oz steak in ONE sitting on my 18th birthday! I was 6’2″ and 145lbs soaking wet. Not to mention I ate my salad, bread, lobster bisque, AND my chocolate birthday cake. Extrapolate that type of eating over the next 9 years and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I was exhausted all the time and that my cholesterol was high; despite my physical appearance being that of a fit, healthy person. I did try to eat healthy, despite my feats of eating; a large chunk of meat and a couple steamed veggies was my usual meal. Maybe some bread and dairy thrown in as well.
In my defense, I was misinformed.  I thought we HAD to eat meat, that every meal should contain meat, and that animal protein was the holy grail to building muscle.  I was in my twenties and taking prescription medication to reduce my cholesterol.  I needed a change.
The more I learned about exercise and nutrition, the more I realized how much I still didn’t know. So, I started taking a close look into what I ate and educate myself as to the truth of what I was fueling my body with. 
It took some thorough investigating and retraining of my food values. As soon as I made the switch to a plant-based diet,  I immediately felt better.  Within one week, I noticed positive benefits. I’ve spent my time from then until now reshaping my diet and also spreading what I have learned to my friends, family, and anyone else who would listen.
On October 13th 2014,  I decided to make my knowledge official and I got certified as a Plant Based Nutritionist through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (The leading authority on Plant Based Nutrition) in association with Cornell University. I also became a certified Personal Trainer through ACTION on March 17th 2017.
 I like eating, I always have.  Now I eat as much as I want, packing my body full of nutrients, and I’m all the healthier for it.  At 6 ‘2″, 200lbs, I’m the physically strongest and mentally sharpest I have ever been.  The sleepy haze is gone and has been replaced with bountiful energy and unwavering focus.
My nutrition and fitness coaching, podcasting and blogging is a combination of setting goals and empowering you with the knowledge to attain them. My goal is to help you get your body, mind, and overall health to a level you never though possible.
 I’d love to talk to you about how you too can feel better than you’ve ever felt.  Click Here and let’s talk!
Wishing you the change you deserve,

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