16. Some Quick Facts

This week, Ryan discusses some interesting information he’s learned from studies he’s been reading. He also talk about Dr. Drew, Joe Rogan, eating at ComicCon, and a couple other tidbits.

15. What’s the beef?!

This week, Ryan discusses the social aspect of being plant-based/vegan, including bullies, defensiveness, how to handle social interactions that revolve around food, and more! He also asks for you to share your experiences, tips, and tricks.

14. Fat

This week, Ryan breaks down fat. He also announces the first Mainly Plants product giveaway and how to score a price, and briefly discusses maintaining his Plant-Based diet while on vacation.

12. Meant To Be

This week, Ryan discusses the true nature of eating and why it is so important to eat a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet (WFPB). He also starts the discussion on Type 2 Diabetes and offers some tips for eating yourself back to good health.

10. Reasons

This week, Ryan talks about some of the many reasons to eat a Plant-Based diet; no matter if you’re 100% Plant-Based or not, you should give it a listen. Plus, Ryan answers a couple common questions he gets.

9. Myths

Ryan debunks some popular myths about the Plant-Based diet. He also gives Vinnie Tortorich a piece of his mind.