32. Grains

Per listener request, Ryan goes over grains; are they bad? how much should you eat? what are some good grains? etc. But, not before he has a classic “Ryan Rant”. Find out what’s irking him this week. Please follow and like us:

31. Giving Up Meat

This week, Ryan discusses what happens to your body as soon as you give up meat. But not before he gets a rant out of his system! Plus, he gives the details for a special offer; don’t miss it! Please follow and like us:

30. Oh Child!

Ryan takes a listener question this week and talk about introducing a plant based lifestyle to children. He also briefly discusses ADHD and Autism. Please follow and like us:

29. Chicken, Out!

Think you’re safe eating chicken? Think again. Ryan discusses why chicken is not a safe meat to eat. He also, briefly, discusses exactly what it is he does and how it can help you. Please follow and like us:

28. Shots Fired

This week, Ryan analyzes some of the things his arch nemesis has said regarding dietary recommendations. The amazing thing; Ryan keeps his cool. Please follow and like us:

27. Sleep and more

This week, Ryan updates you on a few things, answers a couple listener questions, and then talks how to get better sleep. Please follow and like us: