47. FDA Corruption

You think those government agencies have your best interests and health in mind? Guess again. Listen to the facts on this week’s podcast! Please follow and like us:

43. Hypertension

This week, Ryan covers hypertension; a disorder that frequently flies under the radar and with devastating consequences. But first, what’s pissing Ryan off? Please follow and like us:

42. You need this in your fridge…

This week, Ryan discusses 10 items that everyone should have in their refrigerator/pantry, and why. Plus, don’t miss the featured plant of the week! Please take a second to rate and review us on iTunes, subscribe tot he podcast, and follow on social media @MainlyPlants. Please follow and like us:

41. Lettuce Love You

This week, Ryan covers some tips for having a plant-based/vegan in your life. He also showcases Turmeric; the health benefits and how to use it. Please follow and like us:

39. First World Problem

This week, Ryan discusses a recent news article and health study about longevity. Then, goes on a Vinnie Tortorich rant, which he knows you all love. Please follow and like us:

38. Nootropics

Ryan discusses nootropics and body-hacking, despite his allergy attack. A shorter podcast this week means you have more time to get rowdy this weekend. Please follow and like us: