The Rule of 80s

The Rule of 80s

If you’ve spoken to me, you know that I talk frequently of “The Rule of 80s”; it’s a rule that I came up with after years of trial and error. Trail and error with what, you may ask? Well, it’s all about being as healthy as possible, both physically and mentally. By adhering to The Rule of 80s, you will not only lose body fat, but will gain (if you choose) and sustain muscle, gain mental clarity and overall energy, sleep better, and ward off numerous diseases and disorders. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well…it’s not. Not only is all that possible but it’s also super easy to do. You’re going to be shocked. So without further adieu….The Rule of 80s!


Rule of 80’s: 80% of how you look and feel comes from your diet; everything that you eat and drink. 80% of what you consume is your “diet”, which means you can slip up 20% of the time and have something that’s not so great for you and it won’t effect your overall health and wellness (so long as it’s a plant based item) Example of this would be vegan meat and cheeses. Basically just processed stuff that would fall into your cheat meals. 80% of what you buy at the store should be whole food plant based (wfpb) items; produce. Of that produce, it should be 80% veggies, 20% fruits, nuts, beans, grains, potatoes, etc.. 80% of your overall health starts in your gut; so if you eat correctly you have MUCH higher odds of preventing and/or reversing illness.


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