Need a Detox?

Does the weekend have you feeling like you need a bit of a detox?  While consistency is key, we all have a cheat day (or weekend) here and there…Fortunately there are few small habits we can incorporate even on our cheat days.  Introducing, the lemon…The Detox “C”: 1/4 c of fresh lemon juice provides 45% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C!  The vitamin C found in lemon goes beyond vanity; it also combats the free radical damage to blood vessels, which is a preventable precursor to heart disease. And, let’s not forget the antioxidant power of vitamin C…it helps the body produce the collagen critical to preserving the youthful appearance of the skin. Turns out the lemon is much more than a dressing to a cocktail, it relieves heartburn, reduces bloating, assists in weight loss, flushes out toxins, balances PH and aids in lowering blood pressure. When added to hot water and taken first thing in the morning, lemons’ citric acid stimulates enzyme production, which aids in digestion.

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